Practice with disguises: at the movies

Why not spend some time thinking of the “story” behind one of your disguises?

When you are spying and in disguise, you may have to have a conversation with your suspect. It’s a good idea to be prepared with a cover story. For example, if your disguise is a Drama Girl, what’s your cover story?

Some tips:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Use as much “truth” as possible.
  • Make sure your story matches your disguise.

Here’s an example of how being prepared with your cover story can help you out…

You’re out with some Spy Girl friends to see a movie. Suddenly, you spot that boy, Matthew, that you’re older sister’s friend likes. He happens to be at the movie theatre with a group of other kids his age, including some girls. If you can find out some information about him and whether he is on a date with one of the girls, you can trade it for some favours from your sister.

Luckily, he goes to a different school and probably won’t recognize you. Still, it’s best to have a disguise. You tell your Spy Girl friends what you’re planning.

You open up your Spy Bag, which you always have with you. First, you grab a tutu skirt and pull it over your leggings. Next, the ten bangles go over one wrist and the five long necklaces go over your head. You quickly put on some shiny pink lip gloss. You tie your hair into a side ponytail and mess it up. You’re looking artsy and cool.

As you walk over to the group, you wave back at your friends and shout over to them how you will be right back. Then, you bump into your suspect and start talking.

You: (grabbing your shoulder in pain) Oh no! Oh no!

Matthew: Hey, are you okay?

You: I… I think so. It’s just my shoulder. I dislocated it in dance class last week, but it’s still really sore. < a dance class makes sense based on your disguise! >

Matthew: Oh, man, I heard that really hurts.

You: Yeah, but it’s probably better than breaking something. You must have been hurt though, playing sports and stuff < fishing for some information on what he does >

Matthew: Oh, I play soccer, but I’ve never been hurt. My friend was though, right Zack? (he turns to another guy in his group) Remember last year when we played the Spitfires?

Zack: And I broke my ankle? Don’t remind me. < you notice that Zack is wearing a soccer team jacket and you memorize the name >

You: That sounds terrible! If I had done that, I’d miss my year end performance!

Matthew: Yeah, probably.

You: Well, I’ll let you get back to your dates.

Zack: (laughing) Our dates? Uh, no, it’s my cousins from Texas.

You: Oh sorry! I just thought… well, bye!

You run back over to your friends, and you let them hug you dramatically until Matthew and his group head into their movie.

Cover story: This one is pretty simple, because Matthew didn’t ask you too many questions, but you were able to keep your story (dance class, year-end performance) consistent with your disguise.

You learned: Matthew plays soccer and with what team, that Matthew’s friend Zack plays on his team and broke his ankle last year, that Zack has cousins from Texas, and that Matthew wasn’t on a group date. You even know what movie they watched, because you watched where they went when your Spy Girl friends were hugging you.

Next steps: Find out when Matthew’s soccer team has their next game, and go to the game in a different disguise!

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